Client: HMI-Project
Tools: Figma, Notion

› User Interface Design and Usability
› Development of features 
› Prototyping
› Design System

Client: Lufthansa
Client: Sketch, Confluence

„Revision of the booking flow“
› Development & redesign of features
› Optimization of existing sub-areas within the Lufthansa Group
› Documentation

Preflight Mailings Concept
› Consolidation of content and time for all tenants
› Information architecture
› Wireframes

Client: Aldi Süd
Tool: Figma

„Website Redesign“
› Information Architecture
› Interaction Design
› UI Design
› Documentation

„Design System“
› Concept (Architecture + Contribution)
› Components styling
› Accessibility Topics
› Responsive Behavior

Client: Kärcher
Tools: XD and Miro (initially Sketch and Invision)

„Home & Garden App“
(Consumers IoT Products & Services Mobile App)
Task: Redesign as UX-Lead
› Research (Usage context) + Benchmarking
› App-Landscape (Information Architecture) Designs and Tests
› User + Usage scenarios
› Wireframes (Interaction Design)
› User Requirements Refinements
› User Story Mapping
› Qualitative Usability Tests (preparation, execution, evaluation)

„Transparenzi“ (Professional Tracking Web App)
Task: UX and UI Design (MVP-Design)
› Wire-Frames
› Test-Dummies
› Mockup

UI Guidelines (Design System)
Task: Conception (Structure), Content Creation and Testing of:
› Foundation
› Components
› Patterns

Client: Festo
Tools: XD and Miro (initially Sketch and Invision)
UX and UI Design for webbased Software and Websites

„Projects” Life Cycle & Collaboration Platform
“Robotic Suite 2” Icon-based Programming
“Automation Experience” (Dashboards):
IoT Services, AI/Predictive Maintenance, Energy Efficiency
„UI Guidelines“ (Design System)
„FlexPlan“ Supply Chain Optimization and Planning

Client: Dekra
Tools: Figma (initially Sketch and Invision)
UX and UI for Software, Inter-/Intranet and mobile Apps

› UX/UI Redesign
› Icon Design and 3D-Visualisation
› UI Guidelines (Design System)

Client: german car manufacturer
Tool: Sketch

UI Design and UI Guidelines for an e-model

Client: 1&1

Conception, UI and UX Design (
› online „Showroom“ (product presentation)
› Advertising campaigns
› Check-out (conversion rate optimization)
› Mobile Version


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